Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta will perform Thursday night on Billboard’s New Year’s Eve Live (11 p.m.-12:30 a.m.) from Las Vegas on FOX.

Allen and Iraheta recently participated in a conference call to promote the event. Following are some of the topics they addressed. this is Part II of the interview session:

Q: Now that the show and the Idol Tour are over what is it like getting out there and performing your own material?

KA: “Like for me, that’s the reason that I tried out for American Idol. It wasn’t to go up there and sing a bunch of cover songs for millions of people. It was to hopefully get the chance to make music of my own and that’s what we’re both getting to do now.”

Q: How long did it take each of you to complete your CDs from beginning to end?

KA: “A couple of months, something like that. Right after American Idol we started doing stuff for them.”
AI: “Yes, and while we were on tour we worked on it.”

Q: Speaking of Tours, have either of you set up a Tour yet and if so when do you start?

AI: “I haven’t. I think the main point right now that we’re getting at is promotion, getting the album out there.”

KA: “I haven’t either.”

Q: How are you looking to use your American Idol success to create your own musical identity?

KA: “For me, it’s about putting what’s inside of me and everything that I know I can do into music and just coming out with good stuff. That’s what means the most to me. I just want to make music and I want people to hear it and I want to be pleasantly successful doing it. So, that’s my plan.”

AI: “I guess for me I would do the same. Maybe get my name out there, that wouldn’t hurt. I mean, don’t get me wrong, getting known as ‘Oh, it’s the redheaded girl from American Idol’ is pretty cool. But I think for people to know who I am and for what I do that would be great.”

Q: Over the past year what have you guys learned about yourselves during your process of growing and accomplishing so much?

AI: “I guess the process, as well, has helped us grow as who we are, as a person, helped us grow as who we are an an artist. It’s definitely helped me to choose my past music wise.”

KA: “I think for me it’s just like realizing who I want to be and what I want to do. I think it’s more just realizing the things that you’re best at as well.”

Q: When you go back home it must really feel different thought, doesn’t it?

KA: “It feels good. For me, it feels like it’s more just like a breathe of fresh air. almost, when I get to go back home. So, it does feel different but it’s a good different.”

Q: Why do you think people like American Idol so much?

KA: “I think the beauty about American Idol is that it takes people that they can relate to, people that maybe act like a friend of their’s or has the same job or something like that, and makes them into rock stars or country stars or pop stars or whatever. I think that’s the beauty of it all is that a person coming from nothing to a lot of fame.”

AI: “It’s a reality show. anyone gets stuck on a reality show, especially one like American Idol that has four judges. It’s definitely an interesting show.”

Q: (for Kris) What was it like performing to a sold out show at Madison Square Garden?

KA: “I keep going back and thinking about it because I think it was like probably the best show that I’ve been a part of considering the artists that were there. I just wanted to perform longer. But I thought it was incredible. And getting to perform at Madison Square Garden, obviously is a huge deal. So, I think that will be something that will always stick with me.”

Q: Do you guys have any preshow rituals that you do with your bands before you perform?

AI: “I don’t. We mess around a lot before we perform. I guess that’s not good.”

KA: “We have a little cheer that is inspired by our music director. It’s cool. We just say ‘Do it baby’ but we sing it. It’s a song that we have. It’s incredible.”

Q: (for Allison) Do you know what you are going to wear for the New Year’s Eve show?

AI: “I do know what I am going to wear. It’s pretty sick. It’s a zipper dress. You’ll have to see it.”

KA: “That’s funny cause I’m going to wear a zipper dress.”

AI: “You are? We probably got it at the same place.”

KA: “Yes, at”