A story on parade.com’s website


confirms what everyone has been speculating anyway – Simon Cowell, according to his brother Tony, will leave American Idol at the end of the 2010 season to focus on bringing his hit English show – X Factor – to the U.S.

But the more important question, assuming all of this is accurate info, is what will be the fallout of a Simon departure?

Hunch here is – not much.

There are hundreds of Simon Cowell wannabees out there. While he has made a name for himself with his blatant honesty in judging performers, he isn’t the real reason the show succeeds.

It still takes a village for AI to make it and that village of talented people have continued to push it foward not letting it get stagnant.

Simon will be lauded, he’ll be thanked, he’ll do his thing and AI will move on without him. Might even be a little better in the end.

Idol Chatter would guess that even Simon, down deep, might agree with that.