It certainly varies, and I doubt that David Archuleta is outside now checking out the changing colors on the grapevines around Sonoma County before his concert tonight, but….

Idol Chatter did ask Archuleta what a normal concert day was for him.
Here is his response:

“I usually do interviews in the morning and then check out the place where we are going to perform. But that depends on how long it is to drive from the other (previous) city. (He was in Bakersfield Saturday night).

“Sometimes you get there in late morning, sometimes around noonish. We go and you will have a sound track and then sometime a ‘Meet & Greet.’ You try to eat something in between those things.

“It gets to be a routine. Then you go on stage, perform and do the show and after that go back and pack and put everything back on the bus and drive to the next city.

“It’s a routine thing. You usually don’t get to see much of anything.”

P.S. It would be a perfect day for him to explore the area. It’s about 70, not a cloud in the sky. Perfect Wine Country fall day.