It certainly wasn’t a reach for David Archuleta to decide on a Christmas theme for his mini-tour that makes a stop in Santa Rosa on Sunday (Nov. 29th). Afterall, he loves the season.

Here’s his explanation of the Tour as he told Idol Chatter a couple of weeks ago:

“The Tour kind of went hand-in-hand with the Christmas album I recorded. A Christmas album is something that I always wanted to do. Christmas music … that’s like one of the biggest times of the year for me to really be singing.

“It’s been my favorite music to sing cause I have been singing it every year since I was a little kid. And now to be able to put those songs on an album with orchestral arrangements is a really neat thing to do.

“It’s a great to be able to share that with other people and it’s just meaningful for me to be able to do that, to mix those songs that I recorded with a tour.”

Santa Rosa will be the 5th stop on a 19-city tour. He will be in Bakersfield on Saturday night and playing at the Warfield in San Francisco on Monday.