Blake Lewis

Blake Lewis

The American Idol television adventure ended three years ago.

About four months after that, the AI Tour was complete.

What did Blake Lewis do then?

“We toured, all on the East Coast,” Lewis said, “but we cut it short to about three weeks.”

He went on to make a record and is working on a second one now. Then next month its off on another try at touring – October through December.

“We are working on tentative dates right now.” he said, “and again they are all on the East Coast. I don’t know why. Hey, I’m from the West Coast put us out here.”
For the moment, he’s been rehearsing for a local gig that will kinda kickstart that tour. He’ll be one of the headliners (B-52s are the main attraction) at the Rockin’ Blues By The Lake at Stafford Lake Park in Novato on Saturday.

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