Blake Lewis

Blake Lewis

Blake Lewis will perform Saturday as one of the headliners (B-52s are the main attraction)  at the Rockin’ Blues By The Lake at Stafford Lake Park in Novato.

On stage around 5ish.

Fourteen songs.

Over and out and back to Seattle where he has been rehearsing for this gig for the past couple of weeks.

No judges.

No plea to the audience for votes.

No drama-filled “next” show to see if he made the cut.

You, see, Lewis was the runnerup on American Idol Season No. 6.

So, what did he think of the judges during his time on the show?

Here’s his rundown:

Paula Abdul: “Paula was always good to me. After the show we went back and forth to each other’s birthdays. Sorry to see her leave the show but I think Ellen (DeGeneres, Abdul’s replacement this season) is great in everything she does and she’ll be great on the show.”

Randy Jackson: “Randy was working on his record while I was working on mine. I got to know him pretty well and I like him a lot.”

Simon Cowell: “Ah, Simon. He’s English and he doesn’t have any tact and neither do I. I’m part Welsh  and I kinda grew up with the BBC so I understand a little bit of how the Brits think and their sense of humor.”

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