Blake Lewis

Blake Lewis

It was 28 months ago today that Blake Lewis, now 28, stood on stage at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood and learned that he was … not the Season 6 American Idol.

Upset? Hardly.

Heart-broken? Not a chance.

Dismayed? You have to be kidding.

“I wasn’t trying to win,” Lewis said in a phone interview this morning from Seattle. “I was content with not winning. It’s just that spiritually I don’t believe in false idols.”

Prior to auditioning for AI in Seattle, Lewis termed the show “unappealing” and since his run on the show he has barely turned it on.

“Oh, maybe I watched some of the audition process only because a station here in Seattle wanted me to be an Idol judge,” Lewis said, “but other than that I haven’t watched it at all the past two seasons.
“I’m not a big advocate for television, although I must admit I am addicted to 30 Rock.”

So, the beatboxer, singer, songwriter, producer, lover of photography and a cappella aficionado found himself No. 2 to Jordin Sparks.

“I was happy for her and glad I didn’t win because then you have to embrace the entire American Idol concept,” he said.

Lewis had thought of putting together a documentary of the AI Tour but had to abandon the idea when he learned of all the constraints that had been put on him.

“I had taken hundreds of pictures I wasn’t supposed to take,” he said.

There is nothing much mainstream about Lewis and he’ll demonstrate that on Saturday when he performs as one of the headliners (B-52s are the main attraction) at the Rockin’ Blues By The Lake at Stafford Lake Park in Novato.

His music is … well, let him describe it.

“It’s almost like a one-man band show. A lot of it is done with computers. I’ve been doing it for 10 years. It’s really an amazing art-form and there is a delicate balance to it and singing.

“Actually I only did beatboxing maybe three times during the whole Idol show.”


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