By the AI numbers

If you are a numbers geek and really want to know, here are some figures for this summer’s AI Tour
Season 8 Tour has gone like this:

First 40 Concerts: 386,299 of 460,366 seats sold.
Total Revenue: $24,006,245.
Avg Revenue: $600,156 (84 percent.
Avg Attendance: 9,657

Season 7 went like this:

First 40 Concerts: 382,366 of 448,330 seats sold (85 percent).
Total Revenue: $23,306,866.
Avg Revenue: $596,881.
Avg Attendance: 9,559


Total revenues appear to be up about $700,000, otherwise everything remains about the same.

IdolChatter would still like to know, with those kind of $$ rolling in, why didn’t they continue with Idol Gives Back?

Word is they’ll do it “every other” season. Give me a break, do it in some form every season.