So, we are all set for Season 9.

Simon got a ka-jillion dollars a year, Randy was already set, Ryan got a nice bump in salary, Kara got her pittance and Paula was shown the door.

I’m still trying to figure out why anyone should care. We watch the show, the advertisers come (oh, my, do they ever come as sometimes it seems like there is more advertising than show), Fox makes the money. It’s the American way. Our only stimulus is watching everyday kids trying to make it big and knowing that some of them will.

As Anoop Desai told me of Simon’s salary proposal: “Of course not, no one is worth that much money.”

So, Simon, I’d suggest since you just made something like $45 million for being unique on TV (i.e. telling the truth and not trying to be PC all the time), take the money and run and laugh all the way to the bank.

See you on the telly in January, Simon, and that’s not a bunch of “rubbish.”