The entire AI routine started all over again on Friday (Aug. 7) in Denver as call-back auditions were held at a downtown hotel. But that routine was held with one noticeable difference to the past: Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham was on hand and Paula “Oh, Archie I Just Want to Squeeze You And Put You On My Rearview Mirror” Abdul was not.

If judges make the show, and they really do NOT, then we’re in for a real ride in Season 9. Word is that Posh and Katy Perry will be guest judges while Paula pushes that unemployment figure up for awhile.

How on earth is she making it on that $400 government check per month?

I doubt we have to worry about Paula’s lifestyle being ruined, or the demise of AI. She’ll land on her wallet rather handsomely, no doubt; and AI … well, it is getting more publicity five months before it even airs than any show in TV history.

I just wonder how many times Simon has already said, “That was rubbish,” in downtown Denver.