Have to admit – that is one concert I wouldn’t miss if it ever came together – David Cook, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen.
I thought all three were superb Friday morning on Good Morning America.
First, here is how I would rate their performances and then at the bottom you will find a link to their combined effort of “Sweet Little Lies” on the GMA website where you can also watch all three solo efforts.

Kris Allen – First up. He sang “Heartless” and you knew this one was coming. His interpretation of the song is superb. Although one person watching with me called him “milk-toast” there is still something about Allen that I enjoy. It’s all going to come down, in the future, to the songs he writes and records. Interpretation of other songs will be long forgotten. I still think he has the voice to make a career of it. But will he have the songs?
I gave him a B-plus Friday morning…

Adam Lambert – He sang “Starlight” and again a slow song is what you anticipated from Adam in this format. His voice is off the chart and the stage presence and humility show through. I’ll be as shocked as Simon will be if Adam doesn’t make it big in the music industry. But it is all going to come down to the songs. He can take the music anywhere he wants to go with it, but he has to be on the right song track.
Adam gets at A for Friday’s performance.

David Cook – Went last, as he should have, and sang “Come Back To Me.” Cook is one year and quite a few steps ahead of the other two. He’s proven he can sing, he can perform and the original songs are there. Cook’s appeal is a unique sound, songs that are refreshingly new yet have a ’60s/’70s feel to them. Can’t help it, I just like the way the guy sounds.
Give Cook an A-plus Friday morning.

I’d really be interested to hear your ratings.

Following is the link to GMA: