He works hard for the money…

Just when you thought you were in a “Simon-Free” Zone…

The New York Post this week reported that Simon Cowell, in the renegotiating stage of his American Idol contract following the 2010 season, has been offered between $100 million and $144 million per year.
The figures came from London’s, The Guardian.
A source said Cowell has already been offered three to four times the $36 million he was paid for American Idol in 2008.
Honestly, I could wear T-shirts, get a basic flat-top hairdo, make light of Paula Abdul, roll my eyes and tell contestants that their effort was “atrocious rubbish.”
Of course, it would all come out in a slight Southern accent rather than British, but I’d probably agree to sign on for oh, $1 million per year.
And even I could recognize the talent of David Cook or Adam Lambert or Kris Allen or David Archuleta.