First we’ll break it down with some general comments on the show:

– The set seems to be getting bigger and bigger. If Seacrest goes up one more flight of stairs he’ll be on the roof.
– If I see Danny Gokey flash one more peace sign I’m gonna gag.
– No way, no how should Anoop have even attempted one Usher move. Anoop, there’s only one Usher and it isn’t you.
– Megan Cockery … it truly is time to say good-night.
– Gokey gave Kara “goosebumps?” Ms. D. must chill easily.
– If Allison’s hair gets any redder it’s gonna start smoldering.
– Simon made a good call saying Scott had a Seacrest hairdo.
– Matt was trying to sound a little like David Cook and doing a very poor job at it.
– Lil … leave the kids home on Wednesday night.
– Does anyone agree – Adam is brilliant, but he’s starting to go overboard.
– Kris outdid Adam … by a mile.


Here are the song picks and some comments:

Anoop Desai – “Caught Up” by Usher

RJ: “You’ve picked up your swagger-not the right song for you-the vocals were good.”
KD: “It was like the frat guys dared you to sing Usher.”
PA: “Work on your stage presence.”
SC: “It was a complete and utter mess-you came over as a wannabe-it gave me a headache.”


Megan Joy Corkrey – “Turn Your Light’s Down Low” by Lauren Hill

KD: “I really like you, but I think you’re in trouble. Bob Marley is not the song choice for you.”
PA: “At this stage, you need to take us by surprise.”
SC: “The song was boring, indulgent, montonounous-All the things we liked about you are disappearing.”
RJ: “Because you love a song, doesn’t mean you sing it great.”


Danny Gokey – “What Hurts the Most” by Rascal Flatts

PA: “This is where you thrive-you leave me wanting more.”
SC: “This week, I thought it was your best performance-it was so much better than the first two.”
RJ: “Tonight’s show starts right here-very nice, baby, very nice.”
KD: “You moved everyone in this room emotionally-you really connect with the audience.”


Allison Iraheta – “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt

RJ: “You were a little ahead of the beat-what is with this outfit.”
KD: “You don’t need to dress the part-it felt forced, a good performance-not your best.”
PA: “You sing like someone twice your age.”
SC: “We just can’t ignore the fact that that outfit looks like something out of the Addams Family.”


Scott MacIntyre – “Just The Way You Are” by Billy Joel

KD: “I think you made some very smart decisions tonight-moving, coming from an honest place.”
PA: “I’m most proud of you-it has everthing to do that makes me forget about that challenge.”
SC: “You’re best performance by a country mile-it’s a different Scott.”
RJ: “One of the best.”


Matt Giraud – “You Found Me” by the Fray

PA: “You aborted the thing we love about you-it became a sound alike.”
SC: “We don’t like you this week-it felt very put on, very uptight, not a good commercial song-you’re becoming all these different people-I didn’t get it. It was the wrong song for you-Apologize would have been you.”
KD: “You keep going between rock and pop-you are going to have to commit-you are a talented guy, you don’t deserve to go home.”
RJ: “Wrong song. Apolgize would have been better.”


Lil Rounds – “Surrender” by Celine Dion

RJ: “This would not have been my song choice-you sang it really really well-but young it up a little.”
KD: “I was surprised-when you go up there it’s effortless-we got a glimpse of who we saw in the beginning. We need to see more of that.”
PA: “I don’t want to see an AC Lil Rounds-I know that’s there.”
SC: “I found it quite similar to a wedding performance-“One” by U2 that MJ Blige sang would have been a good choice-your personality is getting sucked out of you.”


Adam Lambert – “Play That Funky Music” by Wild Cherry

PA: “True genius.”
SC: Simon says at least he’s not Karaoke-you are original.
RJ: “You are definitely in the star zone.”
KD: “Every week, I can’t wait to get to the show and see what you’re going to do.”


Kris Allen – “Ain’t No Sunshine”

RJ: “You are definitely in the zone tonight.”
KD: “That is artistry.”
PA: “That could be the first cut from your album.”
SC: “You showed some confidence tonight-great arrangement-Your best performance so far.”


So, after all is said and done, here they are in order of best to worst:

1. Kris Allen
2. Adam Lambert
3. Danny Gokey
4. Lil Rounds
5. Scott MacIntyre
6. Allison Iraheta
7. Anoop Desai
8. Matt Giraud
9. Megan Corkrey