American Idol got just what it needed most this week … and it didn’t even happen on the show.
Susan Boyle.
Boyle came from out of nowhere, Well, not exactly nowhere. She hails from Blackburn, Scotland. She’s 47, unemployed and does volunteer word for a church in Blackburn.
By Thursday a.m. nearly 11 million times folks around the world have watched her preliminary round performance on “Britain’s Got Talent.”
She is exactly what A-I should be lucky enough to find. An unpolished performer who comes from out of that nowhere locale and is simply astonishing.
If you haven’t already, watch her on another thread on this blog or on the accompanying interview this week on The Early Show on CBS.
I bet A-I’s ratings go up next week just because of Susan Boyle.
And what will she do on “BGT” in the next round. “Well, you’ll just have to watch to find out,” she told the folks on The Early Show.