Simon Cowell was a guest early Tuesday a.m. on the Late, Late Craig Ferguson Show.

– You probably didn’t stay up to watch that, and if you didn’t record it either… well, for starters Simon boasted that he knew Ferguson’s fellow Scot, singer Susan Boyle, and he thought she would be “fantastic.”

Ferguson didn’t flinch and called him out on that comment with: “You lying sack of crap!”

Simon got a laugh out of that one.

– Ferguson also got a dig in talking about how Simon wears a T-shirt on the show and folds his arms only “to make your biceps look bigger.”

– On adding Kara DioGuardi to the judging panel, Cowell said: “It was like having Paula-times-five now. Randy and I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about half the time.”

– Cowell and Ferguson called A-I host Ryan Seacrest a “sausage dog.” Simon explained: “Like the little dog always trying to get the attention of the bigger dog… always on your leg doing all that stuff… that’s our relationship.”

Here, you check out the video yourself: