Now this is starting to get a bit befuddling. For certain, Adam is still going to win simply because of his voice, his theatrics and the early lead he built up.

But should he?

Based on Tuesday’s performances of Rat Pak genre tunes – no. If you want interpretation of song, singing ability and leave the theatrics out of the equation, then count him out. He tried to sing a standard that Michael Buble reinvented and it just didn’t work.

For me, you can put them in this order of performance on Tuesday:

1 – Kris Allen
2 – Matt Giraud
3 – Allison Iraheta
4 – Danny Gokey
5 – Adam Lambert

OK, so I know I’m in a huge minority, but there you go.

Logically, or illogically, the voting public will probably elminate either Allison or Matt and it’ll probably be Allison.

But, hey, all you had to do was vote and then if you were inclined on ITunes you could download the song of your fav and get an autographed photo. If only Tatiana had still been around!

One thing that Tuesday proved beyond anything else – the songs of that era were the best … nothing else compares … and yes, it was even slightly before my time.

Here is what the judges had to say:

Kris Allen – “The Way You Look Tonight”

RJ: “I’m looking to see who is in it to win it. Dude I think this is your best performance to date. You told a story. Mad, nice vocals.”
KD: “You have set the technical standard incredibly high for this season – phrasing, diction, rhythm timing. You are truly a dark horse.”
PA: “Sophisticated gentleman … quiet conficdence … performance near impecable.”
SC: “I thought it was a little bit wet. Like taking a very well trained spaniel for a walk. I didn’t get the feeling from you tonight that you think you can win this competition.”


Allison Iraheta – “Someone to Watch Over Me”

RJ: “You sing like pink but with 9 thousand more octaves. That was the bomb. I loved it.”
KD: “Girl, but I ain’t nervous for you anymore. You converted some new fans tonight. You converted some fans tonight. If that doesn’t land you in the finals, I don’t know what will.”
PA: “What you delivered tonight was alluring and tender.”
SC: “Do you think you can win this competition at this stage? I don’t see that belief in you stilll. I have a horrible feeling you could be in trouble tonight.”


Matt Giraud – “My Funny Valentine”

RJ: “It was a little bit pitchy. It didn’t quite all come together for me.”
KD: “I didn’t feel you were emotionally connected to it.”
PA: “I like that you lowered the key. Pure, simple, emotionally expressive.”
SC: “It was the only believable, authentic song I heard tonight. I heard some Nat King Cole kind of phrasing there.”


Danny Gokey – “Come Rain Come Shine”

RJ: “You are the only one I heard so far that could actually have an album of songs like that and win. Forget the connection stuff. This is a singing competition and you can sing.”
KD: “What I have been missing has been that Rat Pack swagger. The end was the most creative you’ve been with the melody.”
PA: “Steller, steller performance. You can see the finish line in front of you.”
SC: “You had a swagger and a confidence. I felt tonight you came out to prove a point unlike the first two people. That was outstanding.”


Adam Lambert – “Feeling Good”

RJ: “It was a little theatrical and drama-filled, but you are in the zone. Another great performance.”
KD: “You are shocking and in a good way – craziness!
PA: “You make me feel better than good. Watching you is like watching the Olympics and you are our Michael Phelps.”
SC: “Winning is important. I feel that you want to win. Best entrance of the night coming down the straircase.”