Random observations after Rock ‘n Roll night:

– We’ll cut to the chase: Danny definitely, no question, should go on Wendesday; but it’ll probably be Kris as the odd man out.
– In baseball they say the pitcher just put one up there on a tee for him to hit. That is exactly what they did for Adam on Tuesday. Giving him a shot at Rock ‘n Roll night was like putting a ball on a tee for him to hit.
Honestly, maybe now we should have Jim Croce Night for Kris or Pink Night for Allison or Christian Rock Night for Danny.
– Speaking of which….Danny’s effort was woeful. It sounded a little like me singing in the shower.
– Duets? Come on, and on this night? Pair any of the three with Adam and they’d get Brownie Points. Heck, bring back Tatiana and she would have sounded good with Adam on Tuesday night.
– Honesty line of the night – Kris is rehearsing and looks and sees Slash playing guitar beside him. “I almost peed my pants,” Kris admitted.
– Does anyone agree that Adam has a little Elvis and a little Liberace in him? And I still say he’ll be a hit on Broadway, not as a rock star. Time will tell.
– Was it just me or did it seem all night like Kris just didn’t want to be there? He kind of looked around waiting for the limo to pick him and take him back to Arkansas. That might be the case tonight.
– Can’t wait to see Paula perform on Wednesday. Better yet I’d love to hear Simon’s critique.

Following are the songs from Tuesday night and some of the judges’ comments:

Adam Lambert – “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zepplin

RJ: “This is the Adam that I love. Dude you are a rock star tonight. You and Slash should make a record.”
KD: “You are more than a rock star you are a rock God.”
PA: “Your a whole lotta perfect.”
SC: “I thought the performance was a little understated, teasing! It was one of my favorite performances you’ve ever done. Nobody can top that now.”


Allison Iraheta – “Cry Baby” by Janis Joplin

RJ: “You can sing your face off. I did not love the choice for you, it needed more melody. I didn’t love this.”
KD: “Janice is the right choice for you. Are you nervous? I think you transform when you go on stage.”
PA: “You’re downright peerless. If they do a pic on Janis you got the role.”
SC: “You’ve grown a lot through the competition, singing with complete confidence. But I didn’t see much originality. You should have done the Queen song.”


Danny Gokey and Kris Allen – “Renegade” by Styx

RJ: “I think you guys compliment each other. The harmonies were on blast.”
KD: “I think the sum of the parts were better. Maybe you couldn’t hear yourselves?”
PA: “It was powerful and it was compelling … good job.”
SC: “Danny you were better than Kris. How is that?”


Kris Allen – “Come Together” by The Beatles

RJ: “I appreciate you can still be yourself. I wasn’t blown away, but I loved your playing the guitar. I liked it.”
KD: “For me, this wasn’t a great performance. You were trying too hard, wrong song.”
PA: “Your signature is all over it. You are an artist on this stage. You need to have a little more energy.”
SC: “I didn’t like it that much. It was like eating ice for lunch, leaves you hungry later. It was a bit of a jam, a boring song. I didn’t believe anything was going to top Adam, and I was right.”


Danny Gokey – “Dream On” by Aerosmith

RJ: “Not your genre. It was alright. I’ll give you an A-Plus for effort.”
KD: “I think you took the swagger a little too much. I commend you for taking chances.”
PA: “I don’t know if this was the right song for you. But I’m a huge fan. I give you an A-Plus for going for it.”
SC: “The last note was like watching a horror movie. It was a little over the top. It worked for Adam but not for you. I still think you are going to be safe tonight.”


Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta – Foghat – “Slowride”

RJ: “You guys are our two seasoned rock stars. That was the bomb. Rock god, rock godess pusheing yourselves to be better. Perfect blend, perfect marriage. You should do a duet together.”
SC: “You win the battle of the duets. Completely different than the other one. Adam you may have given this one a chance to stay in the competition.”