OK, we’ll work backward on Wednesday night’s show…

– Allison gets the boot and she sings “Cry Baby” one more time. Danny probably felt a little ashamed he was left to move on and she was gone. Yes, it was a little embarrassing considering even he laughed at his Tuesday performance.

– Next week the final three get to “go home again” and they sing a “judges’ choice” song and one of their own choosing.

– Chris Daughtry performed his new single. Remember Daughtry was the Allison of Season No. 5. He was asked if he remembered that night and how long it hurt to be eliminated. “I remember it very much,” he said, “and at the time it seemed the world had ended, but it lasted about 30 seconds.”

– They called out the final three in random order: Chris, Adam and Danny.

– With Paula, No Doubt and Daughtry performing this is getting to sound more and more like an infomercial.

– Gwen Stephani was a little bizarre doing pushups in the middle of her song. But then there was a guy in a tutu prancing around and that made Gwen seem rather tame.

– Paula, of course, can still dance, but considering she was lip-syncing, who knows if she can still sing. And the headset…enough, please, she looked an order clerk at In ‘N Out Burger…

– Allison blurted out a “damnit” that was bleeped out. She said it early on and probably should have repeated it when he was ousted.

– And when we whittled the number down to 36, here were the odds I had on the Final Four winning it all. I’ll leave them the same now:

Kris 8-1
Allison 5-1
Adam 3-1
Danny 2-1