First, a little apology for the tardiness of a new post after Wednesday night’s finale – but we did have a athletic banquet for 550 last night that the PD sponsors and your’s truly was a part of that…OK, now to move on and you’ll get multiple posts today, rest assured…

The winner, really, was the show. It had energy, it was nonstop (especially when you record it and zip through the commercials), and everything worked.

Maybe the show-stopper was when KD came out from behind “Bikini Girl”, partially disrobed and totally outsang a flustered “Bikini Girl.” That was classic and should have saved KD’s position as a judge for another season.

Adam was perfect with KISS. Kris perfect with Keith Urban. And they both were great with Queen. David Cook left you crying and you should download his song and let your $$ go to cancer research. Allison was a joy with Lauper. And Rod Stewart, bless his heart, he can still sing, but how does he hang on to that hair?

Did Kris deserve to win? Yes.

Will it really matter in the long run? Probably not. Adam just might get more publicity out of finishing second than he would have for winning.

Your thoughts…