Kris Allen and Adam Lambert have their official websites up and running.

Yes, Allen is going to Disneyworld.

Rumor: Kris, Adam, Danny and Allison all have recording deals in the works that simply need to be signed.

Scott MacIntyre was set to duet with Billy Joel on Wednesday’s Idol finale until Joel dropped out at the last minute. There wasn’t time to arrange another duet.

Matt Giraud and Anoop Desai, who both finished higher, were not included in the duet deals.

Will Ferrell was scheduled for Wednesday’s show but apparently the producers didn’t like the take was going to have on the coronation song and they pulled the plug on Will.

Gene Simmons of Kiss on Adam: “Respectfully, I don’t think Adam is a rock singer. He sounds much more convincing singing ballads, and Broadway shows. His voice doesn’t seem to have a ‘rock quality.’ But, I’m sure he’s going to do just fine.”

Simon Cowell called Kris a “little puppy dog” and “not the best singer” on Ryan Seacrest’s KISS LA radio show Thursday. Seacrest ranks Kris in “the middle” of all the Idol winners. Obviously, Simon is still pouting over the outcome.

That note that 38 million votes in the nearly 100 million total came from the state of Arkansas was denied by AT&T. They said they don’t confirm or deny how many votes came from each state..