A lot of the British press is rather borish and disgusting at times, and at other times they are unique. Take the current phenom Susan Boyle, a finalist on Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent show. The British press calls her Su-Bo. Classic bit of “Across-The-Pond” journalism.

Well, Su-Bo, her of the shockingly beautiful Scottish voice, has come a bit undone like a wayward kilt. Or, better yet, the media pressure has gotten to her.

Following is a Los Angeles Times account of what happened earlier this week in London hotel.

Oh, my…


From the L.A. Times…

Britain’s Got Talent” judge Piers Morgan is worried about Susan Boyle after hearing reports of her tossing the F-bomb at people at a London hotel.
According to reports in British papers, two bobbies stepped in when Boyle cursed out two strangers in front of guests at the Wembley Plaza Hotel in North London on Wednesday.
Boyle yelled: “How … dare you! You can’t … talk to me like that.”
Police officers approached Boyle and asked if there was a problem. She shouted, “Of course, there’s a … problem.”
Boyle stormed off in tears as her entourage and police quickly followed. No arrests were made. Boyle went back to her room after the incident. Her rep tells London’s The Times that the incident was caused by a nosy and persistent reporter. But another incident had her spewing the F-bomb at a TV screen in the bar of the same hotel while watching Morgan praise her 12-year-old competition on the show.
“From what I hear,” Morgan said on CBS’ “The Early Show” of the incident, “she’s been in tears the last two days. She even threatened to leave the show yesterday at one stage because of the sheer amount of pressure on her.
He adds: “The hotel she’s in is crawling in tourists, crawling in the media. I think maybe she overreacted,” says Morgan. “I don’t know what happened.”
“But either way, I know she’s feeling a lot of pressure, and I think that most people watching this show and hearing about this will feel natural sympathy toward her.”
Can poor Susan Boyle hold up to all the pressure and media attention?