Is Susan Boyle gonna win Saturday night’s “Britain’s Got Talent” finale or is she going to get that Adam Lambert feeling of “what just happened to me?” and a second-place finish?

Well, first she’s going to have to get her act together. She probably needs to ignore the telly, seclude herself in a hotel room and forget everything until her performance. Otherwise she just might go mad and skip the show altogether. Her 15 minutes of fame has morphed into a monster.

It is kinda hard going from obscurity to the most watched person on the planet, Try that sometime.

Following is a L.A. Times on her tribulations and a Reuters list of the 10 finalists. No matter, you’d still hate to be the act following Su-Bo…

This from the L.A. Times…

The question is no longer whether Susan Boyle will win “Britain’s Got Talent”
It’s now whether Susan Boyle will even show up.
There are even BBC reports of the Scottish singer being isolated in a “safe house” after getting into an F-bomb laden shouting match with reporters in a London hotel.
“BGT” judge Piers Morgan posted an item on his blog to get fans and detractors to understand the pressure Boyle is under and why she’s cracking.
“Imagine, if you will, being anonymous for 47 years of your life, and then suddenly being propelled into genuine world superstardom. For many people, it would be a dream come true…. But let me tell you now, there is a downside to fame. People start criticising you, sniping at you, trying to trip you up, belittle you, harass you. The pressure from sudden global success can be enormous. Everywhere you go, people recognise you and want a piece of you ” an autograph, a photo, a quick song, a chat to their mum on a mobile phone.”
He adds that living in that “insane, relentless goldfish bowl” can take a toll on the person and their family, and can cause one to “start to feel jittery, self-conscious, paranoid, and fractious. “
Imagine all this happening when you are days away from a performance that could make or break your career and your life.
“This is exactly the situation that Susan Boyle now finds herself in,” says Morgan. “And my heart absolutely bleeds for the poor woman.”
This could end up so sad. As happy as Susan Boyle made the world when she made her spunky debut, we could all end up broken-hearted if she doesn’t win or, God forbid, doesn’t show up.
Hang in there, Susan. Your faithful fans are rooting and praying for you.


And this from Reuters…the 10 finalists…

SUSAN BOYLE – Aged 48, the Scottish spinster has become one of the biggest Internet stars of all time with her performance in April of “I Dreamed a Dream” from “Les Miserables”. She is the bookmakers’ hot favourite to win the final.

AIDAN DAVIS – An 11-year-old body-popper from Birmingham.

DIVERSITY – Ten-member dance troupe from Essex, England and east London aged between 12 and 25.

STAVROS FLATLEY – Father-and-son comedy dance duo which describes itself as “two fat versions of Michael Flatley with a Greek element.”

FLAWLESS – Ten-member dance troupe from London aged between 20 and 32.

2 GRAND – A singing act comprising John Neill, 76, and his grand-daughter Sallie Lax, 12 who have been performing together for more than two years.

SHAHEEN JAFARGHOLI – A 12-year-old Welsh singer.

JULIAN SMITH – A 39-year-old saxophonist from Birmingham, England. The part-time music teacher plays in pubs and restaurants in and around Birmingham.

SHAUN SMITH – A 17-year-old singer from Lichfield, England.

HOLLIE STEEL – A 10-year-old singer who was allowed to return to the stage and perform again after bursting into tears during her first, faltering rendition of “Edelweiss”.